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Welcome to the ReignD Tech Websit ReignD Tech Co., Ltd. is an electric and electronic part manufacturer specialized in the research and development of new products. Founded in 2004, we have achieved a number of successes in localizing electric and electronic parts, and have been growing through collaboration with various companies on research and development activities. We have incorporated chemical, display, and lighting businesses in our portfolio and are engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of our products.

We have recently completed the development of an electric awning system that automatically opens and closes curtains or blinds according to signals received from a remote controller. We are planning to apply our motors, controllers, and automation equipment to all awning products in houses and buildings, and we expect to lead a new housing culture. Home curtain and shutter products enable you to effectively control the amount of sunlight entering the house by using a switch or remote controller. We are planning to develop an innovative and new housing and living culture through our products, providing high quality interior styles as well as energy conservation benefits. We are especially focusing on the prevention of safety accidents caused by blind strings.

In addition, we promise that we will enhance our corporate image as an eco-friendly company and achieve the No. 1 position in the automation awning system market through the establishment of effective and efficient production systems that will ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

Mike Kang, CEO of ReignD Tech Co., Ltd.

Sangmo-plaza, 55, Sangsaseo-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Tel : +82-54-443-9497 E-mail : kmb3d@hanmail.net

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